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"Wilson Salt is committed to providing excellent salt and services which are ecologically sound and of low carbon impact, wherever possible, at the best quality and price."

The Wilson Salt Family have been trading as an independent wholesaler, manufacturer, processor and distributor of commercial salt products since 1966 to sectors including the food industry, water treatment, animal feed, chemical processing hides & skins, de-icing.
Located strategically in the port of Belfast, Northern Ireland. We operate a state-of-the-art 56,000 Square Foot ISO accredited processing facility which includes a packaging and dryer plant.
✓  ISO 9001 Quality management
✓  ISO 14001 Environmental management
✓  ISO 14001 Environmental management
✓  ISO 14001 Environmental management
✓  ISO 14001 Environmental management
Our warehouse is capable of storing in excess of 20,000 tonnes of salt with further storage capacity where necessary to meet high volume demands of individual products. 
With strategic long term relationships forged through our 65 years in the salt industry, we are able to supply products throughout Ireland & the UK with a strong commitment on customer needs. 
We focus increasingly on the use of sea salt as a staple raw material due to the low levels of carbon required in its production and operate the only independent salt drying facility within the British Isles.
Wilson Salt remains the only independent manufacturer and processor of salt within the UK and Ireland today.
Our Team:

Meet the Wilson Salt Team - We have grown every day

Left to right: Brian McMillen (MD) Michelle Campbell (Dispatch), Allen Wilson (Owner), Catriona McGrattan (Accounts) Brian McBride (Accounts), John Hamilton (Sales & Marketing)