De-Icing Salt

SNOWCLEAR® is a pure, white, multi-grain de-icing salt used as a clean alternative to the commonly used 'brown' mined rock salt. It is grit-free, leaving paths and driveways clean and residue free after the frost melts. Available in bulk / bulk bags, 25kg bags and our new portable and convenient 8kg handy pack. A delivery service is available throughout Ireland and the UK.

4360 Snowclear Salt Bulk Tipper TDS116W
4350 Snowclear Salt Bulk Bags TDS116W
4340 Snowclear Salt 25kg Bags  TDS116W
4330 Snowclear Salt 8kg Bags TDS116W
4450 Magic Ice Melt 10kg SDS 103
4893 Salt Spreaders Email for more details
4894 Salt Bin Email for more details

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