Animal Feed Salt

Our Salt products are FEMAS accredited and used in the manufacture of feed products, mineral supplements and compounds. Our range covers both fine and coarse grades for pig, poultry, cattle and horse feeds. We can also supply in a wide range of packaging which includes a delivery service throughout Ireland and the UK.

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Product Codes Description Specification Sheet
4520, 4510, 4500 Milling Salt Bulk Tanker, Bulk Bags, 25kg Bags TDS113W
4130, 4120, 4110 Dried Vacuum Salt  Bulk TankerBulk Bags, 25kg Bags TDS114W
4460 Himalayan Salt Bulk Bags TDS132W
4465, 4464, 4463 Himalayan Salt Equestrian Salt LicksLarge (4-5kg)Medium 2-3kgSmall 1-1.5kg TDS132W

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